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Forouzan Law handles discrimination and labor violations in the following fields. Forouzan Law practices employment law on both an individual and class action basis. 
The California entertainment industry is known for frequent labor violations. Failure to pay overtime, failure to allow for meal breaks, and forcing employees to work off the clock are regularly occurring violations within the industry. Failure to pay overtime, allow for meal breaks or forcing employees to work off the clock are regular occurrences. In some cases, employees are misclassified as independent contractors for the employer's gain. These industries include film, music, television, public relations and marketing, fashion, and even the service industry where entertainment talent often finds employment. 
In addition to labor violations, such employers may also  discriminate based on gender, sexuality, race, religion, or a variety of other factors such as disability. Such discrimination may come in the form of wrongful termination, harassment, or retaliation.
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