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Overtime & Double Overtime

Overtime Laws  

California law protects employees.

California law provides numerous protections against unpaid wages. If you believe you may have an unpaid wage violation, these are several of the areas Forouzan Law will review for violations.

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Overtime occurs when a non-exempt employee works for over eight hours in a day or over 40 hours in a week. It also applies when you have worked for seven consecutive days. Under California law, you are entitled to 1.5x your regular rate for overtime hours. You need to keep an eye on your pay stubs and wage statements in order to ensure that your employer is properly registering your overtime hours. 

  • Let us analyze your pay stubs and wage statements. A quick review will reveal whether your employer is properly paying you overtime and double overtime. 

Double overtime occurs if you've worked for more than 12 hours in one day or past seven consecutive work days. Double overtime also has an effect on your meal and rest breaks.


Salaried employees are still entitled to overtime. The only employment positions not subject to overtime fall within the "professional overtime exception." This includes attorneys, doctors, certified public accountants and architects. Other than these specific four positions, you are still entitled to overtime even if you are salaried.

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